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JDV-SC no vende autos utilitarios, ni realiza eventos para su comercialización. Este es el sitio oficial de la compañía. Cualquier portal con otros fines, que haga uso de nuestra imagen o marca, es un sitio fraudulento.

Our commitment goes beyond

Part of our essence is to have an Organizational Culture that guides our objectives and encourages our business strategy.


Bring wellness, hydration, and nutrition to Mexican families by offering options, portions, and solutions for different tastes, needs and lifestyles.


Satisfy our customers with excellence, offering beverages that produce wellness.


Be the leading company in Mexico, recognized by quality, operative excellence and continuous innovation, encouraged by our people’s talent and guided by a business model that shares risk and profitability.


We are committed to satisfying the needs of our customers and consumers, always seeking to exceed expectations in order to win their loyalty.

We are constantly doing new and creative things that contribute to the improvement of the Organization.

We work with trust and commitment among team members, driving the organization to generate value.

We are flexible and ready to face challenges, providing our employees and customers with a stimulating and motivating environment.

We work effectively and efficiently, adding value in each activity to guarantee products and services of excellence to our customers, consumers and society.

We are congruent with what we think, say and do, always seeking the common good, adhering to truth, justice and our values, thus generating credibility within and outside the Organization.

We are committed to the well-being of our employees and families, our consumers and the communities where we operate, always respecting human rights, current legislation and the environment.